Public Relations Magazine "TSUNAGU"

"TSUNAGU" is a public relations magazine published by KPP GROUP HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
"TSUNAGU " has been published since 2007, with the theme of rediscovering a fascination with paper, we link paper and culture, paper and business, paper and people.
In addition to our group news, the magazine introduces paper-based artists, traditional crafts, and various paper-related topics to readers.

vol.24 2015 SUMMER


"That's So Cute!" Paper crafts color your life

vol.25 2015 AUTUMN


Woodblock printing-carrying the Japanese sense of Beauty into the future

vol.26 2016 WINTER


Light and shadow within pure white "White Model"

vol.22 2015 WINTER


The Beauty of geometric patterns-"knitting" from a single sheet of paper

vol.23 2015 SPRING


"Washi" Japanese hand-made paper