Paper and Paperboard Business (Domestic)

Deals in newsprint, printing paper, and information - related paper.
There is a wide range of paper types, and we make proposals that match the properties and characteristics of each type of paper depending on the application.


Paperboard is mainly classified into “container board”, “folding box board” and is widely used for packaging.
“Container board” is the base paper used to make corrugated boxes, and accounts for about 80% of all paperboard.
“Folding box board” is the base paper for paper boxes such as candy, tissue, cards, etc.

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Adhesive Label Business in Oceania

Providing services in all fields, including daily necessities, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, logistics and distribution, and industrial-related fields.
Propose customers the best combination of surface materials, adhesives, release paper and release film for various different applications.
Wide range of supply sources, especially in Asia and Europe
A large selection of approx. 100 different products.
In-house slitting process provides added value, responding flexibly to customer specifications.

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Paper Manufacturing Materials(Pulp, Used Paper)Business

Paper manufacturing materials 
Currently, approximately 40% of the raw material consumed by the entire paper industry is pulp, and the remaining 60% is recycling paper. We use our domestic and international network to procure pulp and used paper, and to sell them to paper manufactures.

Recycling industry through recycling of used paper 
The Japan's paper industry is characterized by the recycling of used paper. 
Our company plays an important function in this process, and we have been working for many years toward the realization of a sustainable society.

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Packaging Business (Customized Solutions)

Customized solutions (Antalis)

Experts who handle a wide range of packaging materials customized solutions that meet customer needs.
Providing services in a wide range of industrial fields, including automobiles, electronics, high-tech, machinery, metals, food, chemicals and so on.

Carefully consider customers unique cases and develop a solution that meets their requirements.
Procurement of the highest quality packaging materials at competitive prices through a broad network of suppliers and manufacturers.

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Visual Communication Business

Collaboration with visually appealing (i.e., visual communication) businesses such as in store advertising, signage, wrapping, and buildings. 
The demand is growing in Europe and Australia.
Consistent supply coordination of consumables such as ink large format inkjet printers (LFPs) and, as well as supply of media for signage, interior decoration, and car wrapping. Securing high profit margins.

Environmental Business

In recent years, marine pollution caused by plastics has become recognized as a major problem, and companies are required to respond to this issue.
Against this backdrop, paper is attracting renewed attention as a material with low environmental impact.
The KPP Group sells more than 2 million tons of paper every year, of which more than 60% is recovered and recycled.
The KPP Group is now building a recycling-oriented business model so that the Group’s business activities themselves are contributions to the creation of a sustainable society.

Green Biz Project

The KPP Group has launched the Green Biz Project, which is led by young employees and is promoting company-wide initiatives aimed at distributing and developing environmentally friendly products such as plastic alternatives.

ecomo series

Town ecomo
A system in which paper from households is brought into collection boxes in supermarkets and retail stores to be recycled as paper raw material. Some stores have initiatives offering points that can be used for shopping according to the weight of the paper brought in.


Office ecomo
A system for safely and securely collecting confidential documents from offices in dedicated boxes to be recycled as paper raw material. It is an environmentally friendly system for the disposal of confidential documents that eliminates the time and effort required for shredding.


ecomo Closed Recycle Service
A service spanning from the proposal to development of sustainable, rational, and feasible closed recycling schemes with thorough understanding of the customer’s business content, business format, and needs.


The KPP Group offers a system aimed to help operation control, facilities management, and business administration of biomass power plants through the utilization of advanced technologies such as AI and IoT and thorough visualization.

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Investment in AmicaTerra Co., Ltd.

The KPP Group has made an investment in AmicaTerra Co., Ltd., a company that manufactures plant-derived non-plastic products and sells the raw materials for them. The company is engaged in the wholesaling, manufacturing, and sales of modo-cell® non-plastic products made using cellulose residue,* thinned wood, and other discarded plants as raw materials, guided by the mission, “Be kind to the earth.” The decision to invest in AmicaTerra was made because the company’s biodegradable products and manufacturing technology can help reduce the environmental impact of marine plastic pollution, which has become more serious in recent years. 

Acquisition of Oji Fiber Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary

OJI FIBER Co., Ltd, which became a group company of Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. in April 2022, manufactures a natural paper yarn fiber called Kaminoito OJO+.