Here you see a carefully-selected collection of our antiviral paper merchandise,

a lineup of innovativeproducts made by leveraging the special characteristics of paper.

They are lightweight, inexpensive, and eco-friendly, and we invite you to give them a try.




Sold by: Aica Kogyo Company, Limited


unwiped, or if a virus still remains on it after cleaning, the panels are At medical and nursing care facilities, as well as childcare and educational institutions, maintaining hygiene control against viruses andgerms is a crucial issue that requires the utmost attention.

This Vir-tect series is a line of decorative panels with antiviral and antibacterial properties used on surfaces of various types of furniture and fixtures. Even if a surface is lefteffective in reducing the number of specific virus particles left on their surface.

The series includes two types of decorative panels: Aica Vir-tect, used for furniture and fixtures, and Cerarl Vir-tect, which are fireproof and used on walls.

Also available is the MELATACK Vir-tect construction material that, like the former JIS standard, can be attached directly to desks in elementary and junior high school classrooms.

They are the ideal implement for promoting good hygiene in places where people gather.

Supplied by: Voluntary Architects Network (VAN), Shigeru Ban Architects

Evacuation centers are opened when disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, or floods occur, or when there is even a threat of their taking place.

Many affected people are forced to sleep side-by-side on the floor of gyms and other large spaces. Ensuring personal privacy and preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections, therefore, are critical issues that must be addressed.

Shigeru Ban, a world renowned architect, sought to improve situations such as these and developed a partition unit that can be easily assembled by constructing a paper tube frame and hanging sheets of cloth on it.

When expanded into a grid form, the paper tubes have a height of two meters and therefore provide privacy.

Moreover, the hanging cloth can open and close like a curtain, making it effective in preventing the spread of a virus.

This assistance program using light and durable paper tubes helped to improve conditions for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters, both in Japan and abroad.




Sold by: Nozaki Kamishouji Inc.

Because masks that we use daily come into direct contact with our mouth and nose, it is all the more important to store them in a clean case.

The antibacterial finish applied to both sides reduces the risk of viruses attaching to it. It also contains a special absorbent, which helps to eliminate annoying odors.

As it comes with two pockets, you can store the mask you are currently using in one, and an unused spare mask in another.

It is also convenient for storing a mask that is removed during meals.




Sold by: New Tac Kasei Co., Ltd.

It would be ideal to be able to reduce the rate at which we use up masks when we replace them every day.

But many would probably agree that on long days spent away from home, they are annoyed by the grime and stickiness that build up on their masks.

For this purpose, we recommend attaching these Replacement Sheets for Masks to the inside of them.

They are made of a soft cellulose bonded- fiber fabric, making them pleasant to the touch and highly breathable. Even if lipstick or makeup rubs off on a mask, you can simply replace the sheet so that the mask can remain clean and be used for a long time.

Another nice feature is that a gluing agent is applied to both ends so that it does not easily shift around.




Sold by: SATO SENI CO., LTD.



This is a knitted mask that combines the beneficial features of lightweight and durable Japanese washi paper with copper, which has antibacterial properties.

By twisting together highly breathable washi paper threads and elastic polyester fibers through a special manufacturing process, a mask with a light, comfortable fit and elasticity that fits nicely on the face is now available.

A copper sheet woven with copper compound-coated threads is inserted into the inner pocket of the mask, promoting antibacterial and odor-resistant qualities.
The mask is three-dimensionally finished with no-sew knitting technology, so you can rest assured that it will not easily lose its shape or wrinkle, even if thrown into the washing machine.

Available in 12 different colors, they are optimal for those who are particular about their appearance.

Sold by: Washi Paper Specialty Store Washi-nary
Manufacturer: Maruju Paper Company

Kaishi is folded washi paper that Japanese people have carried in their pockets and used daily since the olden days. This traditional pocket paper has been improved in response to the current “living with COVID 19” era.

It is made of Mino Washi paper containing antibacterial and antiviral components, so it can be attached to the inside of a mask for improved soil-resistance as well as antibacterial and odor-resistant effects.

The paper can also be used for doorknobs and straps on public transportation to help prevent contact infection.

This Kaishi paper comes with two options: either plain, or with a watermark design in the kagome (hexagram) pattern, which is said to ward off evil.

The 1,300-year tradition and technology of the Mino Washi paper shines through in this product.