We handle papers for newsprint, printing, communications, etc.

We offer such a diverse variety of paper that we can provide materials with specific characteristics and properties to meet the needs of individual applications.

Paper for newsprint

High quality is required, including strength for high-speed offset printing and opacity for readability. Ultra-light papers and high-white colored newsprint are also being developed to increase pages and improve environmental friendliness.

Printing paper


It is used in publications such as books, magazines, textbooks, and reference books, as well as in flyers, catalogs, pamphlets, manuals, and other printed materials around us. The high-quality paper is one of the most representative of these, and it is non-coated printing paper with high whiteness using 100% virgin pulp. Art paper (also called A1), high-quality coated paper (A2), and high-quality light coated paper (A3) are coated with paint on woodfree and are distinguished by the amount of paint applied. In addition, fine and medium-quality paper coated with a small amount of paint is used in large quantities for flyers.

Communication Paper

Demand for communication paper has increased significantly due to the progress of IT. communication paper has a wide range of uses and is deeply involved in our lives. In addition, varieties are diversifying due to advances in printing technology and the need for environmental friendliness.

Type Application Scene Name of slip, etc.
Non-carbon paper Mobile phone Application Application
form for contract
Credit card Shopping by using card Customer copy
Bank Opening of a new account Application form
Data printing Total process
from data printing
to shipmen
Direct mail
Form paper Mobile phone Charging
and use details
and usage statement
Bank When a transaction
is not recorded
on the passbook
transaction statement
School Individual workbook Output paper
Data printing Total process
from data printing
to shipment
Direct mail
Carbon copy paper Shipment
of packages
Home delivery service Delivery slip
Thermal paper Credit card Shopping by using card Customer copy
Bank When withdrawing cash
at ATM
Account statement
convenience store
Cash register Receipt
and water charges
Meter reading Meter reading slip
Restaurant Order, cash register Kitchen printer sheet
motorboat racetrack
Issuing of betting slip Betting slip
Plain Paper Copier
Office, school Copy Copy paper
Household Printer for PC Printer sheet
OCR paper School Entrance examination Answer paper
Hospital Medical fees charged
by doctor
Medical fee statement
(medical expenses
Press fitted
postcards paper
Hospital Notice of amount
used sent by
a health insurance
Medical charges
Data printing Total process
from data printing
to shipment
Direct mail
Pension Service
Pension enrollment
record notification
Pension coverage
regular notification