Ordinary paper with newly added functions is called functional paper. Paper has several properties, such as hydrophilicity (absorbs water easily), electric resistance (does not conduct electricity), and heat resistance paper is processed using these properties to adapt to it to the intended use and purpose, it can be applied in a variety of areas. Most types of functional paper are used in the processing of industrial products. In addition to these functional papers that serve useful purposes behind the scenes, we handle special paper, synthetic paper, and other related materials.

Intended purpose: Electric and electronic appliances, agricultural and food products, retailers, etc.

  • Greaseproof paper, waterproof paper, rust-inhibitor paper, dustless paper, sterilized paper, metal joined paper, non-flammable paper, and base paper for adhesive paper
  • Core paper, non-woven fabric, water-soluble paper, saturating decorative paper, sticker release paper, glass fiber paper YUPO®, etc.

Sticker Paper

The stickers and labels that we see on a casual basis are made by printing and processing tack paper, which is the base paper. These stickers and labels are used for various purposes, including price tags, food labels, office automation labels, in-plant process control labels, and delivery labels. The combination of base paper, glue, and release paper varies depending on the conditions, environment, printer, etc.

Hana-Omoi (Flower Care)

Hana-Omoi prolongs the lives of cut flowers. The seal-type Hana-Omoi possesses a life-prolonging agent applied to the back of the seal. All you have to do is to peel the seal from the separator and put it into a vase, which then enables the flower to last longer than usual. The product is available in liquid bottles as well as small packs containing the agent.