Currently, approximately 40% of the raw materials consumed throughout the paper industry comes from pulp, while the remaining 60% comes from recovered paper. We procure and sell these raw materials by using our network in Japan and around the world.


Pulp consists of fibers that are extracted from wood. It varies in type depending on the combination of tree species, manufacturing methods, and other factors. Coniferous wood produces strong and tear-proof paper because of its thick and long fibers, while broadleaved wood produces less strong, yet smooth surface paper because of its thin and short fibers. We procure and sell a wide range of raw materials based on the intended applications of manufacturers. Through the distribution of forest-certified pulp, we promote the procurement of raw materials whose legality and other features can be confirmed.


Types of pulp

* Classification by wood type

    1) Coniferous wood (N material)  2) Broadleaved wood (L material)

* Classification by use of bleaching process

    1) Bleached  2) Unbleached

* Classification by manufacturing method

    1) Chemical pulp (KP,SP,AP)  2) Mechanical pulp (GP,TMP)


Recovered Paper

The different types of paper used by consumers as products and the waste paper generated by processors during processing are collected as recovered paper. After recovered paper is delivered to a paper manufacturer, it is deinked, bleached, and then turned into recovered paper pulp, after which it is recycled into paper again. This recycling ring is an environmentally conscious social system that allows us to carefully use the limited resources we have.

We procure recovered paper through our nationwide network and sell it to paper manufacturers.


Main types of recovered paper

 [Newspapers] Paper for newspapers (including fliers) and residual paper

 [Magazines] Weekly magazines, monthly magazines, books, telephone books, etc.

 [Containerboard] Containerboard boxes for home electrical appliances, textiles, fruits and vegetables, etc.

 [Miscellaneous recyclable paper] Paper and paper board generated by households that does not fall under any of the three categories above or beverage pack category.

 [Office paper] Copy paper, wrapping paper, paper bags, etc. generated by offices