We believe that a company cannot grow sustainably without gaining the confidence of society. Confidence is fostered little by little over a long span of time. The Company will continue to solidify this confidence by building a system to win a high evaluation from all of you, by undertaking activities and by appropriately disclosing information on its corporate activities to its stakeholders who have diverse sets of values.

Guidelines for Corporate Conduct

The Guidelines for Corporate Conduct - KPP Group are announced inside and outside of the Group as a code of conduct for the entire Group companies tuned to changing social requirements.

Corporate Governance

We are undertaking steps to firmly establish and enhance its corporate governance system aimed at sustainably enhancing its corporate value through high efficiency, transparency, and soundness of its management in reinforcing corporate governance, which is one of the important challenges of the Company.


We believe that "compliance" is the stance to comply with various social requirements by taking actions based on ethics that a corporate citizen must follow, aside from following laws and regulations only. In order to resolutely establish this stance, the Company has organized an in-house compliance committee and is providing education and training to its officers, staff and all employees to share the awareness of law and regulation compliance among all divisions and departments based on the Guidelines for Corporate Conduct established by the Company. Furthermore, the Company has set and is operating a system to allow a prompt action to be taken if an infringement of a law or a regulation occurs, by opening a contact window to facilitate consultation and notification of any infringement by not only an employee of the Company, but also a Group company, family of an employee or a supplier.

Risk Management

Risk management is essential for appropriately managing various risks that obstruct sustainable business implementation and ensuring management and operation of the entire organization. Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co. has started work to classify risks that have become more diverse recently into major segments and to extract and identify risks in these segments that are immanent in respective business operations.