Packing materials essential for protecting products and wrapping paper that beautifully decorates the final products.

Here are some of the multifunctional products in the total package field, such as packaging paper, chemical products, paperboard, and containerboard.

Packaging Paper

Packaging paper includes paper for heavy packaging used to pack heavy industrial products such as cement, rice, and wheat, and paper for lighter packaging used in general packaging, paper shopping bags, and envelopes. There are various types of packaging paper, including “kraft paper,” to suit each purpose, and it is used for a wide range of applications.

Chemical Products

The main chemical products we handle are flexible packaging films (polypropylene (PP), etc.) In addition to being durable and lightweight, they are also elastic, suitable for processing, transparent, and have barrier properties. They are used in a wide range of products, such as food packaging for vegetables and confectionary, and for detergents and shampoo (for refills). We also offer synthetic paper and corrugated plastic


Paperboard is mainly divided into “containerboard” and “boxboard” and is widely used in packages. Containerboard is the base paper for making paperboard boxes and accounts for approximately 80% of all the paperboard. “Boxboard” is the base paper for the paper boxes used for confectionary, tissues, and so on, as well as cards and other products.


Industrial products, agricultural products, beverages, and processed food are all delivered to consumers via physical distribution process. The things that keep the products safe and secure during this physical distribution process are packages, such as containerboard packages and paper containers. High-strength containerboard is used for the package exterior, while aesthetically pleasing paper boxes are used for the package interior. In addition, paperboard and containerboard are mostly made of recycled paper, and thus make a great contribution to the society as ecofriendly materials.