Human resources are the "most important management assets" for any trading company. We believe that enhancement of the situation, in which each of its employees can perform his or her work enthusiastically, is indeed the basis for sustainable management.
A contribution to community and society. What is naturally reguired as corporate citizen will be performed. These are the basic approaches to us.

Hand in Hand with Employees

Employment and Personnel Affairs

Fair Evaluation and Personnel System

A vibrant company culture is made up of the individual employee's willingness. We believe it is important to build a mechanism through which each employee can perform his or her work with enthusiasm, thus contributing to sustainable development of the Company.
A system has been established to fairly evaluate those persons who enthusiastically maximize their abilities and skills and accomplish results. The system provides opportunities that result in upgrading the abilities of individuals and in improving corporate activities, aside from enhancing personnel evaluation transparency, fairness, and mutual understanding through precise feedback, instead of merely counting the results accomplished. The system is designed to elevate motivation while encouraging reform of the awareness and conduct of the employees themselves.


Education and Training System for Fostering Human Resources

Under the notion that the vitality of a corporation is comprehensive power in the workplace, "e-Learning" has been kicked off to support self-enlightenment to maximize the power of each employee and to draw ability to flexibly meet new economic trend and business situation. Fostering of human resources is indeed designed to maximize the abilities of individual employees and for all employees to independently become a source for implementing corporate activities. Human resource fostering encourages self-sustained enhancement through education and training commensurate with individual steps including training of new employees, OJT (on-the-job training) in the workplace, and training for various vocational levels. In response to globalized business deployment, we have established an overseas training system for fostering of an international business mind.

Work-Life Balance

Improvements in Childcare Leave and Other Fringe Benefits

Implementing "modes of work" tailored to the situations and wishes of its individual employees as systems such as a system that allows leave for child rearing and nursing care and a shorter work-hour system, We are striving to create a situation in which its employees can work securely while maintaining a balance between company work and family. In an effort to support the asset formation and lifestyle of each of its employees, the Company maintains various asset formation systems, a stock ownership plan, and recreational facilities. As a measure to prevent long-hour work (overtime work) that is considered a problem in productivity enhancement and in health management, the Company strives to improve time management appropriately by determining the actual condition of overtime work. Beginning fiscal 2009, We are thoroughly implementing a "no-overtime work day" on two days per week. These measures trigger a review of the work itself and identification of problems for further improvement in work management. Support is provided to upgrade the fullness of life lived as felt by the employees. Additionally, a special paid vacation for certain days is provided to employees who have reached a required length of continuous service as an opportunity for refreshment of mind and body, maintenance and promotion of health, self-enlightenment, and moral enhancement.


Enhancement of Health Management

All employees receive a periodical health checkup once per year so that the employees can continue their work in a healthy condition both mentally and physically. Employees aged more than 35 years undergo a checkup for lifestyle-related diseases and health advice is given in accordance with the results of the checkup.A consultation room is opened for counseling by specialized outside counselors for the health of the minds and bodies of the employees and their family members. Short training courses on mental health are provided to the employees to prevent problems. An industrial physician tours the company premises once per month to orally check the health condition of the employees.