Is paper made from wood?

Paper is used in various situations in your life. Look around you and you will find that paper is used here, there, and everywhere.


For example, it is used to communicate a variety of information, to decorate items to make them look beautiful, to transport goods, and to support the manufacturing of products. Paper is a material that is easy to process and is affordable. In ancient times, the paper was made of sheepskin or tree bark, or from straw, cloth, or other materials. It later began to be made from wood, which enabled high-volume production. 


Today, most paper is made primarily from wood. This wood comes from surplus materials or wood scraps generated when sawing lumber or from timber produced by forest thinning. It also comes from trees planted in forests that are sustainably managed to maintain the natural environment. These materials are processed to extract wood fiber, which is called “pulp.” Around 16.32 million tons of wood are converted into pulp each year, of which approximately 70% is imported. Another raw material for paper is recovered paper, which comes from the paper products collected from consumers. Approximately 81% of all paper products in Japan are recycled. recovered paper accounts for approximately 64% of all raw materials for paper products in Japan, a figure that is one of the highest in the world. Paper is a material made through the careful use of raw materials that enriches society.

The three categories of the paper business

The paper business consists of the following three key categories.


The first category is paper-manufacturing companies.

These companies manufacture various types of paper at their paper mills.
The second category comprises users who produce products using paper as a material. There are a variety of users, including printing firms, newspaper companies, publishing companies, stationery manufacturers, packaging paper manufacturers, and paperboard manufacturers. Of course, the end-users are offices and households.
 The third category is paper-trading companies, which provide the link between producers and users of the material. This is where we at Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. are positioned. Making full use of our global supplier network that extends all over Japan and the world, we deliver paper and peripheral materials.

Paper and peripheral materials are produced in large quantities every day, and paper products are used in a variety of situations in your life. Wherever paper is used, you will find us: Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.