Strong sales capability, and abilities developed through 96 years of operation

Net sales of Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. for fiscal 2020 were 430.4 billion yen.

Having continued to grow based on a stable business foundation, we celebrated our 96th anniversary in 2020.

Pursuing the possibilities of paper

The recent shift to the advanced information society – above all, the spread of the Internet – has involved various industries, resulting in the appearance of new infrastructure for the information-intensive society. Amid this trend, the paper market is generally said to be a mature market. It is true that the demand structure in the domestic market has been changing.

At Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., we believe that what will enable us to proceed to the next step is to create roles for paper and clarify what existence value of paper we can provide.

Paper is a solution as well as a product. As an industrial product, culture, and a system for promoting the transition to a recycling-based society, paper has considerable possibilities. When lifestyles change, new business opportunities should appear accordingly. With wisdom and creative measures, we seek to crystallize and create such business opportunities surrounding paper and peripheral materials and pioneer the new future of paper, as stated in our Management Vision.

We offer a comprehensive service in the coffee-related business, from the filling of coffee beans to the arrangement of packages and delivery of the products.

We recycle bamboo used for the Tanabata festival into part of the raw materials of paper. It is reborn as a product with additional value.  

We strive to create new business opportunities by participating in a variety of exhibitions and holding in-house exhibitions.

Opening the way to the future with invention and innovation

Building on the strength of our outstanding sales capabilities, we  are boldly promoting reforms aimed at ensuring that our growth will continue until our 100th anniversary in 2024 and beyond.

This reflects our intention to become a company that creates new value together with our customers.

As an intermediary between suppliers and users, we will create innovation that will lead to a rich future.