Management Philosophy

Contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society through paper innovation

  • Globalization : Leveraging our global network to become a leading pulp and paper company.
  • Innovation : Developing the potential of paper through a creative mind and a recycling-oriented business model.
  • Function :Promote e-commerce and take on the challenges of new business domains.
  • Trust : Continue being a sincere company trusted by stakeholders.
  • (+1):Contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by adding environmental, social, governance, and other initiatives to all elements of our vision as "plus one".

Long-term Management Vision "GIFT+1 2024"

Ahead of the centennial anniversary of its founding due in 2024, we have mapped out a long-term management vision.
Against the backdrop of great changes that are taking place in the environment surrounding the paper and pulp industry, the plan sets an axis of coordinates for the KPP Group to achieve sustainable growth.

The description of each item is updated according to changes in the external environment.